Before making a final decision, please answer the following questions honestly:

  1. Birmans may live up to 20+ years. Are you ready to take responsibility for them even if you need to move house or if your living conditions change? 
  2. Do the people you share your life with also want a cat? 
  3. In case you rent your home, does the owner allow you keeping a pet? 
  4. Do you have enough space where the cat can move around freely? 
  5. Are you ready to change your home in case it is not fit for a cat? (e.g. plants)
  6. Can you afford spending on the cat after buying her/him? Insurances, food, accessories, toys, neutering and potential futher vet costs? 
  7. If you work full time, can you take a day off in case it's needed, for example for a vet visit? 
  8. Can you spend enough time with your cat?
  9. What about cat hair on the floor and on the sofa? On your Sunday best?
  10. What abour barfs on the Persian carpet, on the bedding or poo accidentally dropped next to the litter box?  
  11. Are you ready to clean a cat's rear end in case of runny bum and some poo got stuck in the hair? 
  12. What about allergy? Anybody allergic in the family? Please, take it very seriously. Birmans are not anti-allergene. 
  13. If you have kids, can you teach your children how to handle a cat? Cats are not toys and kittens are especially fragile and exposed to dangers. 
  14. When you go on holiday; is there someone to look after your cat, preferably in your own home? 
  15. Can you say goodbye to your plants if it turns out they are dangerous to cats? 
  16. If you have another pet; can you make sure both are safe? 
  17. Can you accept that cats are independent beings, they do what they want to do and they cannot be trained like dogs? 

Our kittens can move to their forever loving homes at the of 13-14 weeks, upon completion of the age-specific immunisation programme. This means that by this time they have received three trivalent combo vaccinations and three deworming treatments. 

Please note that exporting kittens has different and country-specific requirements, for which please see the other menu section above.

Upon moving the families get a contract, an extra starting kit, baby diary, health booklet and an invoice. The kittens are chipped.  


In the contract the new family shall undertake having the kitten sterilised at the age of 8-9 months but not earlier than 6 months, in case the kitten is taken as a pet. We do not do early neutering for purely business considerations and our vet doesn't support it either. Birmans need the hormones to develop the long bones in a healthy way and to fully develop the colorpoint markings.  Early neutering wasn't "invented" to protect breeders' businesses but to prevent the undesired overpopulation of feral cats.  Naturally, there are pros and cons, like everywhere but in our cattery it's not the business consideration that dominates but our cats' wellbeing and health. Our kittens can be adopted only with a pedigree, which is forwarded to the families upon presenting the vet's certification of the kitten's being sterilised.  

Our kittens are to be INDOOR cats ONLY. The only acceptable exception is if you have a secure garden and/or outdoor run from where the cat cannot escape and cannot be stolen and you prove it with photos. Birmans are apt to live as long as 25 years but only if we properly feed and take care of them. 

Pet kittens' prices are individually formed according to their markings. 

With a view to all these above we find it very important to have personal contact with the families looking for a kitten, at least on the phone. Reserved kittens can be visited in our home and it's also possible to form the relation with cuddles depending on the vaccination phase. 

We do not do pre-bookings. This is because we don't want to make people commit themselves financially until they and we are absolutely sure about having and giving a kitten. Bookings are accepted after the kittens are born, their colours and sexes (and markings) can be seen.

Thank you for understanding our considerations!

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